Air Freight

Air Freight

• IATA registered members.
• Direct link to the Airline operators, for immediate access to space.
• Consolidation services to and from over 300 destinations worldwide.
• A network of overseas representatives to support our Export and Import services. 
• Express Door to Door capabilities. 
• Courier services, with special tariff capabilities and internet tracking facilities.
• Hazardous trained specialists and registered handling facilities.
• Charges can be prepaid or collect.

Our Airfreight services operate directly with the Airlines as a registered member of IATA. We compliment our direct airline airfreight ability with additional access to scheduled consolidation departures to some 300 destinations, ensuring our clients enjoy significant cost saving benefits.

To support our export and import abilities, we have arrangements with overseas representatives at all key locations in nearly every country. All agents are in support, offering local knowledge, expertise and when required final customs and delivery services or collection and departure arrangement. An internationally linked computer system allows speedy lines of communication with the airlines, customers and agents.

We also operate a Courier service through a global partner, with a discount tariff in operation and an internet accessible track and trace capability. With a specialist documentation service, we are able to assist with hazardous cargo movements, consular and commercial documentation, letter of credit banking administration, or whether just a simple movement certificate.

All these abilities combine to provide a comprehensive quality cost-effective service tailored to a client's every need.

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